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Legal services in Ukraine


We are a team of experienced lawyers with a strong background in financial and corporate law.

Litigation cases

Do you need legal representation in a litigation case? Contact our attorneys.

Open a company

Establish a company in Ukraine with the help of our lawyers.


We can obtain permits and licenses for variour types of businesses. Contact us.

Company liquidation

Our team of lawyers can help you with the entire company liquidation process.

Debt Collection

The procedure of debt collection in Ukraine starts with the submission of the claim. Find here more.

Tax advice/Planning

In case you need tax advice in Ukraine, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Law Firm in Ukraine

Law Firm in Ukraine

Updated on Monday 16th December 2013

Our law firms in Ukraine will offer a wide range of services, from the incorporation procedure of a company, with certification by the lawyer for the necessary documents, writing entries to the Trade Registry, consultancy in commercial law and tax law, labor law, industrial property and, not least, assistance and representation before the court for all types of cases.

The law firms that we are working with will prove the quality of their service by acting with dignity, conscience, independence, integrity, honor, loyalty, moderation and tact, with the main purpose of redefining the position of the lawyer in Ukraine as a person with great responsibilities in terms of your company’s wellness.

Our law firms have strengthened their position in the local market and national business law by covering the first legal requirements and customer demands relating to legal consultancy, with a strong expertise in civil law consulting for corporate and commercial, for all the legal procedures from the insolvency proceedings to the representation and assisting in court and in relation to other public or private bodies.

Our lawyers are able to provide assistance and consultancy for opening a company in Ukraine, regardless of the type and structure of the business you want to run:  limited liability company, open Joint Stock Company, subsidiaries, branches or representative offices. Our lawyers will guide you for all the steps required, from the opening of a share capital account, to the Notary procedure and finally to the registration with Ukraine Trade Register and any further measures that must be obeyed.

Our lawyers will offer you all the needed information about all types of business that may be opened in Ukraine:  TOV - limited liability Company with obligate charter capital, PP - limited liability Company without obligate charter capital, TDV- additional liability company, PrAT- private joint - stock company and PuAT-public joint - stock company, general or limited partnership.

Afterwards, any of our lawyers is able to help you fill the necessary documents for registration and he will also inform you about the minimum capital requires, for example, for a limited liability company you must deposit the equivalent of at least 100 minimum salaries, while for a joint stock company you must provide a minimum share capital of 1.250 minimum salaries.

You can read more about opening a business in Ukraine here.

If you want to find out more about company registration check our brief information here.

Our lawyers’ experience and knowledge recommend them for all the procedures involved in a debt collection procedure. Many entrepreneurs have had to deal with this situation and this is why our lawyer firms have developed a strong and durable strategy for debt collection in Ukraine. You just have to ask our lawyers for counseling and representation and they will guarantee your success for all the steps required, from the demand letters, to negotiation with the other party, full representation in a court hearing and even in cases of attachment and seizure of assets. Here you can find out more about the debt collection procedure in Ukraine by accessing our article here

Tax compliance in Ukraine may become a complicated task without a correct legal and accounting guidance. This is why we recommend you to ask for our lawyers’ support for not facing with unpleasant situations created by the specific procedures, to avoid bureaucracy and to be up-to-date with all the tax requirements. Whether it is about VAT registration, paying taxes or payroll, our law firms have strong knowledge and they work with experienced accountants to provide full service in this field.

If you are a foreign entrepreneur you should be aware of the treaties signed by Ukraine regarding double taxation. To avoid the double taxation, our law firms have created specialized departments with experienced lawyers who are able to guide you through the entire procedure. Get more information on this subject here

Closing a company in Ukraine implies certain steps which must be followed in order to accomplish all the legal requirements. In this sense, our lawyers have a strong background in this filed and they can offer you consultancy and representation step-by-step. When a company is liquidated voluntary, the decision of the shareholders is mandatory. When it comes to compulsory liquidation a decision issued by a competed court must be obtained. For both circumstances our law firms have the appropriate solution for you and their lawyers will offer you complete and customized documentation for your case. Read more about this here

In case you are interested in opening a holding company in Ukraine, you should know that this type of business is organized as a joint stock company which owns and uses shares in other companies, named subsidiaries. Ask for our law firms’ support for starting the legal procedure and their lawyers will provide you all the information and full representation before the competent authorities. We have more information about this issue here