Immigrate to Ukraine - Guide for 2022

Immigrate to Ukraine

Updated on Monday 28th February 2022

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Immigrate-to-UkraineUkraine is the second largest country in Eastern Europe with good access to the Black Sea. These are advantages that attract foreign investors and citizens who come to set up businesses or work here.
Those who decide to immigrate to Ukraine can obtain various benefits, some of them related to taxation, while other refer to employment opportunities.
Our lawyers in Ukraine are at the service of foreigners from all over the world who want to move here and obtain various types of residence permits. Below, we explain the main relocation options from a legal point of view.

What are the laws providing for immigration to Ukraine?

Just like in other countries, people who want to immigrate to Ukraine must respect various requirements that are prescribed by different laws. Here, the following apply:
  • the Law on the Legal Status of Foreigners and Stateless Persons;
  • the Entry and Transit Visas Rules;
  • the Procedure for Providing Sufficient Funds by Foreigners and Stateless Persons Entering, Staying in, Transiting through or Leaving Ukraine;
  • the Electronic Visa Issuance Rules which were enabled in 2017.
The following types of visas are available for those seeking to enter Ukraine:
  • the B visa which can be used for transiting the country and for stays that do not surpass 5 days;
  • the C visa which is issued for stays that do not exceed 90 days;
  • the D visa which is the equivalent of short-terms residence permits in other European countries.
With respect to the C visa, it must be noted that can be issued by a single or multiple entries. It enables a foreigner to stay in Ukraine for no more than 90 days within a period of 180 days, and its validity does not exceed 5 years.
The D visa, on the other hand, is a better choice for those interested in applying for a short-term residence permit.
If you want to immigrate to Ukraine and need our support to apply for a visa, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail.

Types of residence permits for Ukraine

Foreign citizens interested in moving to Ukraine must apply for one of the two types of residence permits available here. These are the temporary and the permanent residence visa which, according to their names can be obtained for short or long-term stays.
It is important to note that the temporary residence permit is issued based on the reason of immigration and in certain cases, such as employment reasons, the Ukrainian immigration authorities issue them is specific quotas established on an annual basis.
Another important aspect to consider is that Ukraine is not an European Union state which means that both EU and non-EU citizens are required to apply for residency if they decide to relocate and apply for permanent residence in Ukraine.

Temporary residency grounds for those who immigrate to Ukraine

Those who decide to move to Ukraine can apply for a residence permit that will be issued on a temporary basis under one of the following reasons:
  1. employment with a Ukrainian company or transfer to a branch of a foreign company;
  2. religious activities, participation in international educational, cultural, scientific activities;
  3. enrollment with a local education institution to which the applicants has already been accepted;
  4. investment, as Ukraine also has a program dedicated to foreign investors;
  5. marriage to a Ukrainian citizen and family reunification.
No matter the reason you have for moving here, our law firm in Ukraine is at your service with advice on how to obtain the desired residence permit.
The good news about the temporary residence permit is that its validity can span from a few months to 3 years, depending on the reason one has to immigrate to Ukraine. The longest timeframe for such a permit usually covers work and international projects. We are also at your service if you are interested in moving here through the Ukraine citizenship by investment scheme.

Moving to Ukraine and obtaining permanent residency

Foreign citizens who want to come to Ukraine and plan on remaining here for an indefinite period of time can apply for permanent residency. Such a permit is available for the following categories of immigrants:
  • highly skilled and/or qualified specialists that can have a significant contribution to the economy;
  • investors who are willing to inject at least 100,000 USD in a local company;
  • grandchildren, grandparents, spouses, and siblings of Ukrainian citizens.
In the case of foreign citizens married to Ukrainians, these must have been married for at least 2 years prior to the overseas spouse application for Ukrainian permanent residency.
Those who want to immigrate to Ukraine must file all the necessary paperwork with the State Migration Service. Our lawyers can help foreign citizens in preparing their documents for obtaining various types of residence permits.

How to move to Ukraine as an investor

Foreign citizens interested in starting a business in Ukraine can relocate here under a specific visa provided that they invest the equivalent of 100,000 USD.
One can be a participant or the sole owner of a Ukrainian company in order to be granted a residence permit. At first, the shareholder will be granted a temporary visa which can be prolonged until the minimum period  of 5 years for obtaining permanent residency can be obtained.
If you are interested in moving to Ukraine and obtain a residence permit, you should also know that you need to register with the local authorities within 30 days from entering the country.

The issuance of Ukrainian residence permits

Foreign citizens who move to Ukraine will be issued residence cards that will be used as identification papers alongside their passports while in this country. For this reason, they are issued as cards with biometric data. This last requirement has been implemented in 2018 and the document issued in this form must contain the digitized photograph, fingerprints, and signature of the holder.
The same requirement applies to both temporary and permanent residence permit holders. If you have any questions on this matter, our immigration lawyers in Ukraine are at your disposal with more information.

Immigration quotas in Ukraine

The Ukrainian immigration authorities enable various categories of foreign citizens to relocate here and apply for residency. Among these, scientists and cultural workers are in high demand and are welcome to Ukraine, if they can contribute to the economy. The country also welcomes highly qualified specialists, no matter the field they work in, as they too can bring significant contributions to the economy.
Immigration through family sponsorship is also permitted in Ukraine for certain categories of relatives of people who have already obtained residency here. Ukrainian people who lost their citizenship can reclaim it.
If you want to immigrate to Ukraine and want to know the quotas applicable to your situation, you can discuss with our lawyers. They are at your service with tailored support in applying for the appropriate type of visa.

How to immigrate to Ukraine as a relative of residence permit holder

Foreign citizens who have lived long enough to have obtained permanent residency in Ukraine can bring their family members to join them. Among the relatives that relocate to Ukraine are:
  • parents and grandparents;
  • siblings;
  • spouse and children;
  • grandchildren.
Family reunification enters the attention of our Ukrainian lawyers who can help foreign citizens bring their close relatives to live with them.
In order to apply for family reunification visas, the following documents must be prepared:
  • the residence permit of the foreign citizen who is established here;
  • the valid passport of the family member moving here;
  • the D visa (this requirement applies to citizens from countries who must apply for visas);
  • health insurance.
You can obtain more information on the procedure from our local law firm.

Services provided by our immigration lawyers in Ukraine

Our Ukrainian lawyers are at your disposal with several services, among which:
  • verification if you need a visa to enter the country;
  • assistance in filing the documents for the chosen type of residence permit;
  • support in renewing the residence permit;
  • guidance in bringing family members to Ukraine.
We can also help foreign citizens who come here based on investment and want to open companies here. Our law firm is at the service of immigrants from everywhere in the world and offer personalized support to those who plan to moving to Ukraine, no matter the type of residence permit they want to apply for. Here is a video on how to immigrate to Ukraine:

Let our lawyers help you immigrate to Ukraine

If you are planning on moving to Ukraine, our lawyers are at your disposal with tailored services that include assistance in choosing an appropriate type of visa, preparation and filing of the necessary document.
Here are some interesting facts on Ukraine:
  • it currently has a population of 43,436,644 persons;
  • this is the equivalent of 0.56% of the world’s total population;
  • 69.4 % of the population lives in cities;
  • Kiev alone has 2,797,553 inhabitants.
If you want to immigrate to Ukraine and need guidance, we are at your service. Do not hesitate and contact our lawyer in Ukraine for detailed information about all our services.