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Obtain Permanent Residence in Ukraine

Updated on Thursday 03rd March 2022

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Obtain-Permanent-Residence-Permit-in-UkraineForeign citizens who want to relocate to an European country have plenty of choices. At the moment, one of the largest states that welcomes investors and people who want to work is Ukraine. Individuals from all over the world have the possibility of acquiring residency in Ukraine for short or long terms, depending on their goals.
Provided a person lives here for sufficient time, he or she can become eligible for permanent residence in Ukraine. Below, our lawyers in Ukraine explain the main requirements for moving here and obtaining a residence permit.
 Quick Facts  
  Residence permit types

Temporary residence permits, permanent residence permit

Time needed to obtain the temporary residence permit

Approx. 15 days

Temporary residence permit validity

 Between 1 and 3 years depending on the reason of immigration
Documents for obtaining temporary residence

Valid passport, valid visa for entering Ukraine, health insurance, proof of reason for immigration, proof of payment of the stamp duty

Mandatory registrations with state authorities (i.e. with the population/municipality register) Registration of local address with the local municipality
Dependents can join the temporary permit holder 


Temporary or permanent residency for investment purposes


Minimum temporary residence before applying for permanent residence 3 years
Documents for obtaining permanent residence Valid passport, recent photos, application form, proof of having lived in Ukraine for the minimum period required
Naturalization requirements  Living in Ukraine for 5 years
Citizenship after permanent residence 5 uninterrputed years

The main ways of obtaining residency in Ukraine

Foreign citizens who want to live in Ukraine need to apply for residence permits. These need to meet certain requirements and must relocate to the country under specific reasons that justify their stay here.
Here are the options foreign citizens have if they want to obtain Ukrainian residency:
  1. employment is one of the main reasons for which foreign citizens come to Ukraine;
  2. marriage can also be employed to enter and apply for residence in Ukraine;
  3. starting a business is one of the top choices of overseas entrepreneurs;
  4. investment which implies injecting capital in the country’s economy is usually chosen by foreigners who want to live in Ukraine.
Immigration through any of the means above can lead to permanent residence in Ukraine.
If you are interested in applying for residency, our law firm in Ukraine is at your service with assistance in obtaining the desired type of permit.

Immigration quotas in Ukraine

Persons interested in permanent residence in Ukraine must know that the authorities here issue the permits are keen on attracting specific categories of migrants. Among these are:
  • skilled migrants;
  • scientists and cultural workers;
  • persons who are married to Ukrainian citizens;
  • investors.
Many of them are also allowed to relocate to Ukraine with close family members.
Obtaining permanent residence in Ukraine as a dependent is not complicated, however, we recommend using the services of our specialists for a stress-free relocation. This is also an option for those who want to apply for citizenship by investment in Ukraine.

Obtaining Ukrainian residency through temporary relocation

Foreign citizens interested in moving to Ukraine can first decide on temporary residency in order to get acquainted with the living style here. In order to obtain such a permit, one must enter the country based on a D visa, and then start the residency application procedure. The D visa is a multiple-entry visa with a validity of 3 months which enables a foreign person to enter Ukraine and leave the country on various occasions during this time span, for completing various formalities, such as finding a property to live in.
Once the visa is obtained with the Ukrainian embassy in the applicant’s home country, the foreign citizen can come and apply for the temporary residence permit.
An exception to the visa requirement applies to Georgian, Armenian, Moldavian, Uzbek, Azeri and Russian citizens who can enter the Ukraine based on their passport.
Based on temporary residency, a person can apply for Ukrainian permanent residency.
Our lawyers in Ukraine can advise on the procedures and documents to prepare in order to relocate here.

How to obtain investment-based permanent residence in Ukraine

Investment is one of the most appealing ways of obtaining residency in Ukraine, as the program resembles those of other countries. However, one should note that if interested in this scheme, real estate purchase is not an option under this scheme.
The main requirements of the investment-based residence program in Ukraine are:
  • the minimum amount to be invested is 100,000 USD;
  • the investment must be made in a currency that can be converted into UAH (Ukrainian hryvnia);
  • the amount of money must be injected in the Ukrainian economy.
Most investors choose setting up companies in Ukraine based on this amount.
The residence permit obtained this way has a validity of 10 years, one of the longest in Europe, and can be renewed.
Investment is a direct way of obtaining Ukrainian permanent residency, and our law firm is at your service if you want to explore this option.

How to obtain permanent residence in Ukraine through employment

Employment is one of the main ways through which a foreign citizen can relocate to Ukraine and settle for an indefinite period of time. Local companies are keen on hiring foreign specialists in domains that are of interest, as well as other people who come to work here temporarily.
As Ukraine is not an EU member state, the work permit is conditioned by a residence permit, so a foreign citizen who wants to live here can do that by finding employment with a Ukrainian company.
The procedure of obtaining permanent residency this way implies:
  • obtaining a work contract;
  • waiting for the employer to complete the formalities on its end;
  • apply for a visa for Ukraine and moving here.
The requirements required for obtained a residence permit are the same for citizens of EU and non-EU countries, and our lawyers in Ukraine can provide tailored guidance on the procedure and how long it takes to obtain a work and residence visa.
Another way of moving to Ukraine and obtaining residency is intra-company transfer. This implies foreign companies that operate through branch offices or subsidiaries to transfer employees from their countries of origin to Ukraine. These can occupy management positions or other functions and must relocate here based on work and residence permits.
We have a multi-disciplinary team made of specialists who can help foreign investors open companies in Ukraine and who can also provide support in applying for the relocation of their employees.
Do not hesitate to use our legal services if you intend to immigrate to Ukraine and apply for permanent residence permits.

IT professionals – a special category of immigrants in Ukraine

After the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, Ukraine became one of the most important European hubs for the IT sector, but also for startup companies operating in this field. This has determined the government to ease the immigration requirements imposed on IT specialists which enables companies in this industry to hire 5,000 qualified migrants. The main aspect to retain from this new ordinance is that these persons are eligible for permanent residency in Ukraine.
If you work in this field and want to work from Ukraine, you can rely on our lawyers who can help you immigrate here.

Obtaining Ukrainian permanent residence as a self-employed person

Foreign citizens who decide to move to Ukraine and who are qualified to offer specific services can set up sole proprietorships based on the residence permits they obtain and operate here.
Digital nomads can also work from Ukraine even if there is no special visa yet. Kiev, the capital city of the country, is one of the most desired places to work in as it has great co-working spaces and great internet connection, which enables foreign citizens to live and work here.
In order to qualify for permanent residence in Ukraine as a sole trader, one must first obtain a temporary residence permit that can be converted into a permanent one after living here for 10 years.

How to obtain Ukrainian residency by marriage

Marriage is one of the main ways through which permanent residence can be acquired in Ukraine. In this case, there are two important aspects to consider:
  • the first one implies the place where the marriage was registered (in or outside Ukraine);
  • the period in which the foreign spouse has lived with the Ukrainian citizen.
If the marriage was registered abroad, it must be first acknowledged in Ukraine, case in which our local law firm can assist.
If the marriage was registered in Ukraine, the spouses must have lived together for at least 2 years before the foreign spouse is entitled to apply for permanent residency.
Marriage is one of the fastest ways of obtaining permanent residency in Ukraine.
You can rely on our lawyers in Ukraine for various family matters, including divorce and child custody and support.

From permanent residency to citizenship in Ukraine

Foreign citizens who immigrate to Ukraine and obtain permanent residency can keep their status as permanent residents and renew their documents every 10 years or they can apply for citizenship.
Citizenship can be obtained in several ways. Among these, investment and naturalization are the main ways foreign citizens use to remain in Ukraine forever.
Citizenship can be acquired after 5 years of living here by giving up the previous passport. It is important, thus, to consider if the foreign citizen wants to retain or give up his primary citizenship in exchange for a Ukrainian passport.
We kindly invite you to discuss your permanent residency or citizenship options with our law firm in Ukraine.

Facts on Ukraine’s population

Ukraine is one of the largest countries in Europe with a population of 43,733,762 at the level of 2020, according to recent data gathered by Worldometers.info. Moreover:
  • the country ranks 35th at a worldwide level in terms of number of inhabitants;
  • Ukraine’s population represents 0.56% of the world’s population;
  • most of its population is urban, more specifically 69.4% of it lives in cities;
  • the median age here is 42.2.
If you are interested in permanent residence in Ukraine and need support in applying for a permit, please contact our lawyers.