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Ukrainian Holding Company

Updated on Wednesday 13th October 2021

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The Holding companies opened in Ukraine are regulated by the Law of Ukraine No. 3528-IV "On Holding Companies in Ukraine".
A Ukrainian holding company is organized as a joint stock company which owns and uses shares in other companies, named subsidiaries. If the holding company owns more than 50% from the company’s shares, it has decisional powers on the major economical actions of it. The management of these holding companies is centralized and the company’s policy is implemented in each subsidiary.
The recognition of a Ukrainian holding company becomes valid if the registration in the State Register is performed. For this, the following documents are necessary: the decision of incorporating a holding company, the founding documents of the implicated companies, a bank receipt which confirms the minimum share capital (a Ukrainian joint stock company must provide a minimum share capital of 1,250 minimum salaries at the moment of registration) and the availability of that capital, the articles of association (containing information regarding the way of organization of the holding company and its internal regulations) and the minute of the meeting where the decision of incorporation was taken. All the documents must be notarized and signed by the founders.
There are several types of holding companies that can be opened in Ukraine, depending on their characteristics: integrated holding company (companies connected through a chain especially performing activities in the fields of oil and gas sector), conglomerate holding company  (where each company performs business without being connected to the other companies), pure holding company (only manages the companies and it’s not mixed in the production process), mixed holding company (the company performs administrative actions in relation to its companies), property holding (the company owns stakes in its subsidiaries), contract holding (the monitoring is performed through contract between the parties), classic holding (where only the holding company owns shares in its subsidiaries) and cross-holding (where the implicated entities owns interests in each other). 
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One of the characteristics of the Ukrainian holding company is that it's not mandatory to own shares in a certain type of company only. The shares may be owned in companies performing in various spheres of economy. Also there is no obligation to acquire shares in a certain region.
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